Framework to build eCommerce mobile applications

Nowadays, there are lots of options to choose from when planning to build a mobile application for your eCommerce store. There are various open source eCommerce platforms Magento2, Magento, Woocommerce, Prestashop, Opencart, Joomla etc. but best is very subjective. It depends on the economical cost and the dedicated server. Magento is by far the best open source platform for the eCommerce Store. Magento already offers SOAP/REST API inbuilt. It is most popular in small size to large businesses. There are lots of Extensions available for Magento and Magento Marketplace.

It’s a great idea to build a mobile application for your eCommerce Store. The mobile application is contributing a tremendous role to creating a competitive advantage for your eCommerce Store. The best mobile application can help you to create a competitive environment for your competitors.

Native mobile application: It is contributing a remarkable effect in the m-commerce market. Today’s software development is all about the user experience. User experience is the key to mobile application’s success. If you want to build an excellent user experience, the native app would be the best option.

The best Mobile app for your eCommerce Store must have all the essential features and functionalities and it should work perfectly according to your business needs & strategy. Also, you need to take care of technology which is used to create the mobile application so that you do not face any performance issues. The mobile application has a great impression in the e-Commerce/m-Commerce industry.

I would like to suggest you to go for Mobikul the Mobile App Builder developed by Webkul. Mobikul is the most exclusive and unique open code platform in the m-commerce industry to build Native iOS and Android applications for major eCommerce platforms like Magento, Magento2, Opencart, Cs-cart and Prestashop.

Mobikul creates iOS and Android mobile applications with open code for both eCommerce store and Marketplace. Also, Mobikul Mobile App Builder works with the most popular m-commerce platforms like –

Mobikul creates fully customized mobile applications for all above-mentioned platforms according to your needs.


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